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Author: Bruno Thursday 6 October 2022

A vivid, moving, courageous and hopeful account of the greatest of all evils: the abuse of a child.

This is the most luminous, shocking and real book that anyone can write. After a childhood marked by sexual abuse, years of constant bullying at school and a hypersensitivity that on more than a few occasions led him to the brink of suicide, Alejandro Palomas lines in these pages a serious and electrifying story with which he flies over childhood memories, the unparalleled relationship with his mother, the shadow of a father who finally disappeared and the power of imagination and writing as the last lifeline. This is the most sincere testimony of a man who bet on life and who achieved it thanks to his passion for inventing and sharing worlds, always with humour and humour, and who now transforms his life into the best of stories.

Literature allowed him to create imaginary universes better than the life that surrounded him and over the years these fictions have helped him to find the words to show the whole truth.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 28 January 2022

This is the life story of an innovative woman who was overshadowed by the men in her family. Daughter of and Indian man and a Catalan woman, Mercè Pàniker grew up in Barcelona in the 20’s of the past century and spend her teenage years in a boarding school in the Nazi Germany, where it started the Second World War. She studied chemistry in the University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in the University of Leeds, where there was only four women among twenty men. Often, she was the only woman in a world of men, and she always stood her ground with her head held high, without making excuses, without asking permission. When she came back to Barcelona, she started directing her family business Pàniker, S.A. and promoted a strong associative web inside the chemical sector. When her husband suddenly died, she will have to raise her four children alone. With the arrival of democracy, she will involve herself in defence of liberties and the equality of women.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 8 September 2016

Book of secrets and truths about the life of Ramon Llull : childhood , where he begins to discover their capabilities ; its activity as a courtier , troubadour , minstrel and conqueror of hearts the period of anxieties and doubts its marriage with Blanca Picayo ; crazy love Eleanor ‘s Castello not want the … facts that make Ramon Llull into a period of carelessness , more obsessed than ever in his compositions troubadours and lewd , and who began his conversion and conceives the ideas of the three goals of his life . Discovering Ramon Llull , the greatest exponent of Catalan culture .


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 26 April 2016

The story of Dragon Dagom is one of audacity, happiness and success. After surprising the audience with Antaviana, Noche de San Juan and Glups!, and travelling the entire peninsula in a van, Juan Lluís Bozzo’s company bets hard on musicals with an adaptation of the humorous opera Mikado. Soon after, they risk creating something themselves: Mar y cel; and they achieve a great hit within Catalan musicals. With the ambitious Flor de nit, with Manuel Vázquez Montalbán’s screenplay, they pay tribute to the neighborhood of Paralelo, in Barcelona.  No other company from Catalonia has such a path like Dagoll Dagon or a reporter as passionate and fun as Joan Lluís Bozzo, who knows how to keep the audience and the readers stuck to their chairs with a sparkling and nice tale, filled with interesting elements.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 23 June 2015

An inspiring book about one the most emblematic figures of contemporary politicians.

“A few years ago, when Mujica was elected president of Uruguay, the world discovered a different politician. He lived with little, he spoke his mind and expressed more as a philosopher than as a former guerrilla turned-politician. From a young age he was heavily involved in activism, he lived the sixties from the revolutionary trench, he spent the seventies in the darkest catacombs of dictatorship and in the nineties he participated in the growth and success of the left to become president of his country. Mujica has completed his government with high popularity, economic and social outcomes praised worldwide and specific measures that will be remembered. He has done it combining two antithetical realities. The ideological conception and life style of an anarchist and the functions of a president that concentrates the greatest power of the state ”
Allan Percy

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