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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 15 November 2018

I always thought that following your dreams is something that we should decide. It does not have to be something impossible to achieve, it is about chasing the things we want: it should be a challenge, an adventure.

At the agency, we receive a lot of emails from people that try to follow their dreams: publishing their book. From here, we always give an answer to these people instead of letting the silence talk. It is not easy because weekly, we receive a large amount of scripts but fortunately, I can count on Joan Bruna, who knows how to deal with this challenging department, and even though we would like to help more people, it is not always possible and to say it, to argue it and to make people understand is very difficult. Joan knows how to handle it and although it is highly likely that we’ve lost many good authors during the process, most of the people are satisfied with our treatment. Writing a book is not something that everybody can do, like the musician: it requires an ability and a training to acquire the necessary skills. We all know how to write, we learn that when we are little, but publishing a book requires more than that. Many people think that the training is a waste of time but one needs to learn to be a writer. You can own an innate talent like the athlete but without training, you cannot improve.

For this reason, we decided to join the literary advisory and writing school Historias donde vivo (Stories where I live) to help people to improve their writing skills. Our last creation is this magical notebook. I like to call it like that because it is the beginning of an adventure for those people who wish to face the challenge of writing. This notebook is much more than a travel diary or a compilation of notes. It is a methode. You have in your hands a tool that will allow you to successfully go through the first stage of a writer: the planification and the beginning of the process of writing. Twelve steps that you decide when, depending on how many hours you can devote yourself to the writing. You will learn in a systematic way because that’s how a novel is supposed to be written. You can take the notebook to the beach, to the mountain, and get inspired while you are sunbathing or having a coffee while it’s raining outside. You only need a pen and willingness to accept the challenge. Or it can also be a very special gift to someone who wants to write. The notebook is a tool, a starting point, that you can face in your own or accompanied by the online materials that the notebook includes, because all the writers complain about the same thing: writing is a solitary job. And that’s true and the reason why I encourage everyone to visit our online school so they can share both their positive and negative concerns. A magical notebook that I would have enjoyed as a Christmas present when I was little. So, do you know anyone who would enjoy this ride?

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