Author: Bruno Thursday 22 December 2022

The month of December is a time for reflection, and the truth is that during 2022 I’ve often stopped to think about everything that transpired between 2020 and 2021. Reality practically stole the spotlight from fiction, and I think we might have too quickly forgotten about all that’s happened.

My intention is not to unearth the wounds left by the pandemic, but I do think we should remember all that we were unable to do during that strange time, and the loss it provoked— many of us were unable to reunite with our loved ones and hold them close. This will be the first “normal” Christmas, and I am immensely looking forward to them, because we can all be together again (those of us who are luckily still here). It’s a wonderful thing, and something I learnt is that every moment must be lived as a unique one. I also like to remember how reading made 2020 bearable for many, and it was a pleasure discovered during a difficult time that many have kept until now. I hope they continue to cherish it, because in that moment, when the world came to a halt, stories were still there, giving us the air that the virus took away.

For that reason, I’d like to remind you of the best fiction titles of this season so that we can keep breathing that air and giving the gift of those wonderful stories that fill us with life.

  1. IN THE LAKE by Maria Barbal
  2. THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR NAME by Clara Peñalver
  3. THE KEY OF THE STARS by Marta Quintín
  4. WAR GODMOTHER by Jose Antonio Lucero
  5. OLIMPIA by Laura Mas
  6. THEY WILL REMEMBER US by Carla García
  7. FRANCESCA DE BARCELONA by Laia Perernau
  8. IF I GET LOST by Víctor Amela
  9. BLOOD TIES by Ramon Gasch i Teresa Sagrera
  10. DEATH CITY by Vanesa M. Migliore

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