Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 January 2022

I have always had problems with weight, and it hurts a lot. Not liking what you see in the reflection, not knowing what to wear, and see that all your friends or colleagues are thin and eat whatever they want (or at least it is what it seems like) makes you feel like the worst person in the world, whichever your age is. “I AM FAT” is what your little head keeps telling you day and night.

This week, the book that I am presenting by two authors, Anna Sibel and Beatriz Campos, titled THE EMOTIONAL OVERWEIGHT, makes me very happy because it is a very useful tool to stop worrying about this issue that determines the life of so many people. All of us who have felt it this way know that it is a constant fight against the scales and what that entail emotionally. Here is where Anna and Bea give us the key. How do you feel? How are you? These are the questions that you must solve before knowing what to eat and what not to eat.

Obviously, feeding is basic to lose weight; there is no need to mislead ourselves: eating a donut every day will not make us thinner, but sometimes the mind and emotions are almost more important than eating a donut. Also, if I may add, we should not worry just about our weight, being in a healthy weight is also important. I learn this when I decided to have an operation to reduce weight because my overweight was out of control. It was one of the toughest decisions in my life. However, if I had had a tool like this book maybe I could have lost weight listening to my body, with the help not only of nutritionists, but also a psychologist. It is the case for the two people that wrote this book: they do not show us one of those miraculous method that end up not helping, but they give you essential guidelines, so your emotions do not affect your feeding.

This is the secret: maintain the balance; everyone has bad days, for different reasons, and now more than ever with this pandemic that does not let us breath, and the feelings of sadness, nerves, apathy, make that or internal chip goes out of control and most times bring us to comfort ourselves with eating like there is no tomorrow. So, to arrange ourselves, mark our priorities to be able to feel ok again, with both body and mind, is the first step to achieve your goal. In this easy and motivational book, you have the key that will help you put your body ready and achieve health and your goal to get rid of that annoying overweight that makes you lose your smile. It is a highly recommendable lecture in every moment of the year but specially during January, like a personal purpose even more.

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