Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 17 March 2022

Almost everyone has heard of Schiller, the German poet and philosopher who, along with Goethe, is considered Germany’s most important playwrights and central figures of the Weimar classicism. Few know about the summer they spent together in 1794, the time when Carla Gracia places her novel “Nos recordaran”, published in Spanish by the publishing house Catedral and in Catalan by Univers, originally written in Catalan and English, as Carla has a PhD in creative writing from Bath Spa University in England, one of the most prestigious universities of art and creativity in the world. Her tutors, Tracy Brain; bestselling author behind the name Clare Kendall, and Gerard Woordward; Booker Prize shortlisted poet and novelist, supported her during the process of creating this novel, which is part of her PhD.

The novel uncovers the authors’ conflicts, their weaknesses, shadows and frailties, highlighting the women behind them, who made them flourish. Carla manages to make it not just another novel about two intellectuals, but a game of mirrors between women and men, a process of discovery that awakens the reader’s emotion to live those moments, not very well known, of two lives where the conflict of ideas and the artistic process is part of the story to understand these two relevant figures of the 18th century, Goethe and Schiller.

Carla manages to bring us closer to these two great men in a natural way and make us participants of an extraordinary world where light and shadows are mixed, a way that works very well literary speaking because readers want to know about the characters of this status, but they need this novel to approach them in a deep and at the same time, simple way, which Carla does with her eyes closed.

I think it is a novel of great quality that deserves to be bequeathed and translated into many more languages.

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