Author: Bruno Thursday 16 March 2023

At some point in our lives, we have all thought, “How unlucky I am!” After reading many books on personal growth, I have learned that luck must be sought out and that life is all about attitude.

For this reason, MANEKI NEKO, the new book by Nobuo Suzuki, published by Obelisco, gathers numerous rites to attract money, love, or fortune, according to Japanese ancestral culture. Can good luck be summoned with daily habits? This book explores all the traditional Japanese methods -some magical, others practical- to attract fortune and fulfill our desires. In addition to learning these various rituals in an easy and motivating way, we will explore the essence of good luck and how we can incorporate it into our lives with the proper habits and attitudes.

Those of us who have already read a lot about these topics can feel like we know it all, but the problem is that putting the theory into practice in our daily lives is complex, and this book eases us into that habit almost imperceptibly, introducing small changes in this daily storm that almost all of us live. A useful and practical book that deserves to be checked out, because everything that helps us to live better, in a more serene way, and with a better attitude, will undoubtedly lead us to what we all long for: to be happier. Trying that is worthwhile and never hurts.


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