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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 26 September 2019

Summer is over and most people want to start a diet, because the excesses of the month of August are noticeable: those jeans from the last fall don’t fit me anymore, my shirt is tight and you don’t look good yourself. The struggle of the kilos is for many a battle. I know it from experience. It is true that when you have gained certain kilos you feel that you have to start a diet to lose them.

However, Magda Carlas has always been a doctor and dietician who has given us tips to lose weight without being dramatic. And what’s better: when you go too far, you will know how to prevent yourself from gaining too many kilos, which then are difficult to lose again, even more when you’re old enough. This new manual, THE DIET CAN WAIT, helps us with easy tricks on how we should eat so that those excesses we all have in routine life do not make us gain a lot of weight.

Eating well and healthy, even if there are days that we overeat, we can maintain the weight in which we feel comfortable, the weight that is healthy for everyone. There is no ideal weight but a healthy weight, and with little tricks we can maintain it without having to do some barbarities that we read in magazines or social media.

Therefore, it is no longer about going on a diet but to eat in an intelligent and healthy way, and without spending months without being able to enjoy a good dinner with friends or a special weekend where the food is the center of attention.

Magda does not publish another book about diets but the opposite: she publishes very useful books to learn how to eat well and not have to live on a diet constantly.

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