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Author: Bruno Thursday 29 October 2020

Love is always so special, so much so that if we were given a definitive map to understand it, perhaps many of us would buy it, wouldn’t we? Francesc Miralles and Javier Ruescas, authors of PULASACIONES and LATIDOS, two authentic bestsellers in the youth scene, embark on a new story, LOS CINCO CONTINENTES DEL AMOR, which has captivated me from beginning to end because of its wonderful concept. The authors tell us the story of Olympia, who receives a very special gift from her absent father: an old atlas with notes on the five forms of love, forms that are related to the five continents of the world. Encouraged by her best friend, Olympia accepts the challenge of exploring a love in each continent to discover where her heart belongs. She meets five strangers, with different ways of loving, and must choose which one she likes best. However, not everything is perfect, and she will have to find the balance in her journey, so at the end of the story we will discover the secret of true love to enjoy a full love. 

A tender, yet funny novel to live love intensely but without losing your path, without losing that goal that only an Atlas, coming from a father’s hand, can help you unveil the deepest truth about love and who is better to share it with. Under the label Nube de Tinta of Penguin Random House, these two authors offer us this original story that I am sure will make you fall in love. 

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