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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 18 May 2017

Having personality isn’t easy. Not doing what everyone does, if you think you shouldn’t do it, isn’t easy. And if it isn’t when you’re a grown-up, imagine when you’re a teenager and you have to be the different one in the group. However, having things clear and not caring what people think of you is an ideal by which to live in peace. If you can surround yourself with people who vibrates just like you, things flow in an almost-magical way, effortlessly. Everything is simple. Even with the most mundane things, like drinking, you seem out of the group if you don’t drink wine, you don’t like beer or you can’t enjoy a gin-tonic. For this reason, the book by Meritxell Falgueras QUÉ BEBER CUANDO NO BEBES (What to drink when you don’t drink) interested me really quickly because I’ve always been a person unable to enjoy the taste of alcoholic drinks. I’m not sick, I’m not doing it because of a diet, and my doctor hasn’t forbidden me to drink; I’ve just never liked alcoholic drinks despite knowing that I’m missing one of the good things in life -because alcohol, in a moderate way, is a pleasure. And along with a certain kind of food and company, even more so. However, I’ve never liked it and I went through my phase of being ‘the weird’ of the group, but always with dignity, because I wasn’t going to drink even if everyone did it. It’s true that if you say you don’t drink, most people find it really strange.

At last I have in my hands a book with alternatives for those who, for any reason, and all of them acceptable, prefer non-alcoholic drinks. It’s a beautiful book, written by one of the wine experts of our country, a huge international wine-taster, but who also has a plan B, and defends it in a natural way, with recipes and amazing drink tastings that are alcohol free. Drinks that are perfect for any daily situation: celebrations, special moments, small pains in the body and soul… To refresh and hydrate yourself, to combine with a delicious dish or, simply, to enjoy a rich experience in smell, flavour and richness. There’s no doubt that everything “-free” is quite trendy, and even more so if they are drinks that stimulate senses, improve vitality and are easy to do; they’re an exceptional alternative plan.

We’ll discover drinks as cool as the michelada, perfect to have among friends; exotics, such as the kombucha, with miraculous characteristics; or relaxing, like the golden milk, to sleep better. You’ll also discover the best tea and juices combinations, tips for choosing a bottle of wine or an alcohol-free beer, and ideas for a vermouth or a ‘night’ drink.

I know many won’t give up a good glass of wine, but knowing there’s a plan B it’s the perfect excuse to buy this book to the abstinent people of the family or of the friends’ group —who can be abstinent by choice, not by force. Or, also, for athletes, pregnant women and, in general, for anyone who wishes to taste new and delightful experiences when toasting and celebrating.

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