Author: Bruno Thursday 9 February 2023

Susana Rodriguez is an author who needs no introduction. Her trilogy SIN RETORNO has sold more than 30,000 copies and soon we will be able to it on the big screen.

She writes crime novels for fans of the genre, and for those of us who perhaps are not so much, because her female characters are engaging, brave, strong and credible. Besides, there is no lack of any “noir” ingredient in her stories, especially in this one. EN LA SANGRE, published by Harper Collins, who continues to back Rodriguez, is the second novel following the story of Inspector Marcela Pieldelobo. Pieldelobo is still being questioned for her resolution of a triple murder case related to a powerful Opus Dei family. But this time, another murder has occurred: the young Elnur Amézaga, a police confidant and girlfriend of a prominent local nationalist leader in Beta, a small town in Navarra. 

Everything points to Inspector Ribas, Marcela’s friend and ex-lover, as the culprit, although it has been many years ago, and therefore she is reluctant to believe that her “friend” is a corrupt policeman. But we know Pieldelobo, and we know that she will not stop until the end, ignoring all the anonymous blackmail to settle the case as soon as possible, and the threats of the nationalist environment refusing to be dragged into a drug-related case.

All in all: murders, police corruption and an inspector who believes in her instinct, above all, and will start a dangerous investigation against the clock that could cost her her life.

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