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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 2 February 2017

Christmas is over, it’s already February, and we’re filled with good resolutions to start the year with. Among those resolutions, many of my friends agree on three: go to the gym (which they have already paid, even though they haven’t been able to attend it yet), start the diet because summer season is around the corner (and if you start in May, you’re already late to the party) and, for the ones who smoke, to quit it.

They’re not original resolutions, but they’re three of the things that matter to us, and I’d say, that matter to men as well. That’s LA DIETA DE LOS COLORES, by Dra. Folch, published in Catalan and in Spanish by Penguin Random House, is an ideal book to help accomplish your dieting goals, obviously, and I’d also dare to say it’s related to going the gym, as dieting and exercising go hand in hand.

So now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, a good present is to love yourself, as well as the people around you, and do something that you believe in and feel passionate about. So, for all of us who always think about having a hipbone too wide, a flabby stomach and thighs that are never too toned, we can opt for an easy read in which Montse Folch gives us a funny diet. We’ll learn how to eat healthily, which is what’s important and the heart of the matter, because if we eat healthier, our body will respond.

With this diet we’ll learn to distinguish each food group: proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates and fats (the healthy ones!). It’s an easy and varied diet, and one of its core ideas is to make food enjoyable, never sad or boring, so eating healthily becomes a habit and you never have to think about restricting yourself ever again. You’ll only have to combine well your food. I know it looks like a typical book, but I can assure you that with this, I’ve learnt a lot about losing weight, and because we all do have to eat, it’s vital to do it properly. Montse, luckily for us, shows us just that in a fun and entertaining way.

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