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Can we identify Bullying?

Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 September 2018

[Bullying, why me? by Montse Doménech]

Today, the word Bullying is commonly used in our society and most of the people understand its meaning. I remember the first time I heard the word Bullying or Mobbing, and I did not quite understand what was it. A lot of books talk about this subject and it seems there is no much more to say. However, bullying keeps increasing and every day, more children and teenagers suffer it, which is disturbing, given the fact that sometimes we lack the tools to fight bullying. The definition would be: “type of aggressive behaviour that hurts intentionally another person, repeatedly and that implies an imbalance of power between the bully and the victim, who is not capable to defend himself.

I cannot really understand why someone can hurt another intentionally and repeatedly, and much less to a child, but there are two sides of the same coin – the victim and the bully – and this last also have a problem. So reading the Montse Doménech’s book was not easy, since most of the cases have deeply moved me that my reaction would not be appropriate, because we cannot forget the two sides: the bully is someone “sick” who had o has also a problem. We all put ourselves in the victim’s shoes and this books offers the right tools to fight the bully. Thanks to Montse’s reputation, graduated in Pedagogy and Psychology , and her way to focus the problem, the book is very useful for those parents whose children suffer from bullying, those parents whose children happen to be the bully, and those parents whose children fortunately are not going through any bullying situation but that also need to be aware, because as Montse says, most of us can identify and understand intuitively a bullying situation. It is in our power to help children and teenagers who are suffering it. The big question is: are we capable of identifying bullying? With this book, you get the right tools to be, so I truly believe it is a model that needs to be read even if we are not big fans of the non fiction: there are some topics that, when you have children, are indispensable to understand and learn, and thanks to books like this one, it is easier for us.

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