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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 21 July 2016

Un libro el mejor compañero


It won’t be long now before our deserved rest starts. I won’t lie to you, I do want to go to the beach, to enjoy the sun and the paellas, to spend some moments and relaxed night chats with my friends, without having to worry about the time it is.

However, the final sprint is still to be done, it is actually the hardest one. These two last weeks are really the hardest on us because it’s hot and our minds are already thinking about the holidays… But we must make that one last effort. And readings can help us to make that pre-summer time struggle easier. A book is a great companion at all times: it helps you when you need it, it is with you when you travel, it airs you out when you’re going through a bad time, it wouldn’t leave you alone when you have to stay at home. Thousands of stories and different subjects that take you to new worlds, which force you to meet different characters and share parallel lives, that are generally exciting in every way, with them.

Here is our blog so that you can remember all the books we have been recommending during this first half of the year, and they all have a reader, I’m sure. Hopefully we can receive your comments, because one of them (or more than one) is your companion during this summer, wherever you are. Happy holidays and happy readings, we actually grow with them… I think and believe that reading is also living, so do not stay without air.

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