Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 1 June 2022

I have never agreed with the headline of this blog, because I have always preferred to be accompanied and surrounded by my loved ones. I have always been quite dependent and loneliness scared me, but as time has gone by, I have learned that learning to enjoy solitude is a precious commodity, and that doing so is a luxury.

We all need moments to be alone, with ourselves, and the cliché that those who are alone do not enjoy life must be banished. This book invites you to take control of your destiny without making it depend on anything other than your decisions and choices. The key is solosofía, the art of feeling fulfilled alone, celebrate the choice of owning your time and your space!

Live in connection with your essence, in line with your principles and values, your needs and your feelings, respecting and caring for yourself with kindness and affection. To develop the art of solosofía you must learn to live in the present, and to do so with all five senses. Nika Vázquez accompanies you in this process in which you will learn that being alone is not the same as feeling alone, on the contrary: it can be the key to happiness. I vote for being a SOLÓSOFA. How about you?

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