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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 7 February 2019

It is difficult at a certain age to build a personality, to not follow the group like sheep, and stand out for an opinion even when you are the only person who thinks that way. And then, there is the physical appearance: if you are tall or short, fat or skinny, ugly or beautiful. I used to tell my son a tale about how we should be able not to judge anyone before getting to know him. It was a made-up story about different children, with their virtues and flaws, that he loved, and when we finished we always said together: physical appearance doesn’t matter, what matters is what’s inside. Petrus Gonsalvus, a Guanche[1] King, is the protagonist of PONTE EN MI PIEL (put yourself in my shoes) by Emma Lira that Espasa Calpe has published this week.

It’s 1537 when a group of women from the Tenerife Island discover that the newborn has the little hand covered with hair. The King Petrus Gonsalvus has born and this is his story. Rejected by his people who consider him a devil, Petrus ends up in the Henry II Court, where they will use him as a clown for fun. However, the monarch sees in Petrus something special and decides to take him in under his protection. Petrus will meet Diana, the bastard daughter of the King, who will become his best friend. Together, they will try to find a place in this world that turns them down, until the companion of the Queen, Catherine, will be chosen to be Petrus’ wife. He will have to make up his mind.

We have in front of us the real story of The Beauty and The Beast, settled in the 16th century. A novel that will move you and above all, it will make it impossible to put the book down for those who enjoy love and inspirational stories, and also for those who feel that being different doesn’t make you special. After reading these pages, perhaps their vision of the world will change and they will point out the value of being unique.

[1] A King from the Canary Islands.

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