Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 3 February 2022

After the controversy with the new Rigoberta Bandini’s song AY MAMÁ that unfortunately will not represent Spain in Eurovision, I would like to recommend this book that also demands equality for women, we have always had troubles asking for what we wanted, and we have always been givers because of the culture we come from, where women have always been at the service of men. It is complicated to erase this stigma and although we have evolved a lot, it is not sufficient. Women nowadays do a lot, but the politicians cover their faces with their hands because of a feminist song. So maybe we have evolved but our social environment has not.

We do not have to stay silent, and Silvia Bueso invites us to ask for whatever we want and whenever we want, either in the Laboral aspect, the familiar, the sentimental or the personal.

This book is for all audiences, mostly women, because it is a very useful tool to analyse us and think why we always put others petitions first and our petitions stay behind, in that drawer we call “I will do it another time”.

This nonfiction is the passport to the life we long for, an exciting journey to achieve your goals with exercises, questions that will make you think and stories of women, not only successful women, but all kinds of women, that will give you that impulse to make the step and achieve your goals, whichever they are. What do you ask for yourself this 2022? Speak, shout, do it.

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