Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 10 March 2022

This week’s blog comes with a top recommendation. Míriam Tirado, author of the book Rabietas: Consejos y herramientas para lidiar con ellas con conciencia, humor y amor, already translated into Portuguese, Italian and German, Removidas, and several children’s books, which are already reference books among families such as El hilo invisible or Tengo un volcán, publishes tomorrow Límites with Ediciones Urano.

A great topic of debate nowadays, because there is a large group of parents who still think that raising from conscience is not setting limits. Precisely, what Míriam tries to transmit in this book is that limits must be set from conscience, but that there must always be limits in education, and that the sooner you apply them the better. However, the big question is, how do we do that? How do we avoid falling into authoritarianism? How do we avoid creating insecurities in the little ones?

In this book, Míriam shares with us her own doubts, learnings, challenges and achievements on the road to loving and responsible limits, exploring our own relationship with the limits, so that we are able to provide children with coherent containment. Children are like sponges and perceive everything that we (adults) feel, so we must also be aware of how we live our daily lives.

At home, we have always said the same thing: it is much easier to say yes than to say no, and avoid a conflict, but teaching when it is yes and when it is no implies transmitting to the new generations an education that is increasingly absent and, as a consequence, we are faced with lost young people who do not know how to get out of a comfort zone where they have been locked up, even without knowing it. Every day I realize how important it is to have parents and educators around us, that from conscience and love know how to set the right limits. Thank you Míriam, for one more book, an essential one for all families, and for this valuable contribution in the world of education, since one of the most complicated jobs that adults have is to educate, in the best possible way, the ones we love the most, and for that, we need tools to learn. This is what this book represents, and in capital letters.

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