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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 11 July 2019

There’s a moment in life where you must choose who you want to be and where you want to work. There are people who have it very clear since the beginning, but those who not, it’s a very important moment, because our education system makes you choose your career very early. Which elective courses, if you prefer humanities or science, etc. And sometimes what you want does not match what’s best for you, so these become the first important choices one should face. I was clear about it: pure humanities, but I didn’t know back there that life would lead me to the publishing world. I loved reading and writing but I never thought this would become my career, much less that I would be able to run my own company. I started very young, working in Mercedes Casanovas, who taught me this difficult job. The world of books fascinated me, but I didn’t know back there how difficult it can be to find that author, that book, that topic to sell. I’ve been wrong many times, and I’m sure I will make many more mistakes, but it’s a job where the margin of error and the risk are high. You need to have a good head for business and be brave enough to take risks.

With Alejandro Palomas, I was very close to make a mistake because I told him that I didn’t like the script he sent me, so I wouldn’t represent him. Luckily, Alejandro is more stubborn than me, so he challenged me and told me he would bring a new script I wouldn’t reject. And so it was. He brought a lot of life and I was fascinated by his characters and also by him, because Alejandro is an intense man but very captivating. After 15 years together, I am thankful to his stubbornness for giving me another opportunity.

Today Alejandro has achieved what he deserves: to be on the top. UNA MADRE has already published 22 printings and Alejandro was awarded the National Prize for Children’s & Young People’s Literature with UN HIJO (a son), with that boy named Guille who wanted to be Mary Poppins, not a fireman or a footballer. I can’t stop recommending these two novels because they mean Alejandro’s claim to fame but his book TANTA VIDA (so much life) and the first part of the trilogy EL TIEMPO QUE NOS UNE (the time that unites us) still my favorite ones. It’s been already six printings in a very short time, since we have recovered Alejandro’s backlist in his early years. We had to work a lot together to gain the publishers trust , because talent was there; we just had to reveal it.

This summer, those who haven’t discovered this fantastic author, I recommend you to do it, and for those who are already fans, remember you have UN SECRETO (one secret) as a novelty. It is the continuation of Guille’s life, who has also stolen my heart, but this time the book is through a feminine strong voice that will not leave you indifferent. Nazia now lives with Guille and his father because her family is in a very delicate situation. It seems that the fact of her parents being in prison didn’t affect Nazia, and her happiness remains intact. But, is it really this way? In this story, we will discover that children talk especially when they are silent, and where it will lead us Nazia’s obsession with the character of Cinderella. 

Variety of the Alejandro Palomas’ world but I must tell you something: once you’re inside, you won’t be able to get out.

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