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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 16 July 2015

ILUSIONThis heat is killing us. We already knew that July is a very tough month; it seems that the batteries are coming to an end. My table is full of things to do, but my body needs a rest. All of us are already envisioning the holidays, so deserved, but at the same time the business is still rolling and needs to be fed. We have to sell because this wheel does not stop and, if it does, it means we’re dead. We have to make the final sprint, draw strength from anywhere to close everything and then, enjoy the sea, the mountains or the couch at home.

The course is long and this year, for us, is hard. The market is crazy and therefore it is difficult to predict what will happen. So decisions are complicated and everything seems to cost twice than before. All of this leaves you with the feeling that you are climbing a high mountain. However, there is a magic word that always works here: illusion. And it may seems ridiculous, but I still believe that enthusiasm and willingness move mountains. Therefore, I’m sure that a little magic light will help us overcome the end of the year. Playing as a team, and here we are a team, without stop working, the results will arrive. You have to build your own winning streak. Here we do not stop opening new fronts, so even though the world keeps churning, the heat does not leave us breathe and the market is crazy, here we our motto is “we do not live in dreams, but makes our life an illusion”, and we will close the annual course with our objectives fulfilled. I’m sure.

My recommendation today cannot be other than the biography of Pepe Mujica, written by Allan Percy, author of several bestsellers, published by Ediciones B. Mujica is a different man who has been more a philosopher than a politician and has managed to become president of a country that came from a harsh dictatorship. An interesting and inspiring book for those who are Quixotes and fight for their ideals. I am sure that illusion is also part of his life strategy.

“It’s good to live as you think because otherwise you will think as you live.” Pepe Mujica.

Sandra Bruna

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