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Author: Bruno Thursday 7 January 2021

These atypical holidays are over. We have all done what we could to maintain this difficult balance of taking care of ourselves and others without anyone dying of sorrow, of prevention without becoming a pest, and trying not to lose hope for anything, although, for me, it has become complicated. Yesterday, on the Three King’s day, to be able to see the faces of the children with that same illusion as always, has been one of the few good things of this so-very-strange Christmas. They know there is a virus, but they believe in magic and that it can do everything, and so it should. How I would like to be a child again and continue living in this fantastic world! This magic can be sustained by books, which through their pages allow us to sink into their fantastic worlds and allow us to live the different adventures of the characters we can most identify with and even with those we cannot. What would we do without books? I cannot imagine, and they have been, once again, the ones that have made me return to work with desire and illusion.

Yesterday, Maria Barbal, author of the agency, which I admire since I read Pedra de Tartera at school, won the Josep Pla award with the novel Tàndem, which will be published next February 3rd, which is wonderful. It is a novel that tells us about happiness, and how its two protagonists must get rid of everything that has them trapped and recover their spontaneity to be able to love themselves and conquer the joy of the present. The protagonists realize that they can look at the world in a different way and give themselves that opportunity to live fully by deciding to start over and pedal together in tandem. An absolutely magnificent story, human and one of the best novels I have read in a long time.

We have begun the year in a strong way, with the right foot, and with a prestigious prize like the Josep Pla received by a great author, so I strongly cross my fingers so that what has begun well, ends in the same way, or better.

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