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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 24 January 2019

Last Sunday I went to prison to visit Raül Romeva, our Ex Minister of Institutional Relations and Foreign Affairs, and my friend and author of the agency. I can’t explain in words what I felt. It was my first time in a prison, and the coldness and the noise of the steel doors when they opened for me was really frightening. Seeing someone like Raul, deprived of liberty, but so calm at the same time, made me think of too many things that I’m not capable to summarize in this blog. It made me very sad, I cried back home, alone, because it is not fair that people like Raül and the other political prisoners are shut up in prison without having been tried. They are also being treated differently from other people that, in my opinion, should be in prison because they are the dangerous ones: murderers, rapists, people who harmed others. I don’t wish to make any political judgement but I would like to see my son living in a fair society, where people could express themselves freely, without violence and without being punished for that. We are in the 21th century but some people still live in the Middle Ages.

Raul has written ESPERANÇA I LLIBERTAT (Hope and freedom) to put into words his thoughts from the prison, without magical tricks or regrets. It is a book about the political prisoners’ incarceration, with thoughts and proposals, a lot of questions but also certainties. With reasons and arguments about our democracy, sovereignty and independence; with memories from the 1st of October and above all, with the certainty that, unfortunately, prison lasts for a long time but dignity and pride last forever.

I am proud to represent this book and I wish that international publishers help us to give voice to the truth. Raül agrees that everybody can think whatever they want to think, can wish whatever they believe, he even wants to listen to these people, but there needs to be room for all of us. It is a book that emits humanity, warmth and above all, empathy for everybody, even for those who believe that Raül deserves to be in prison. A book full of reasons written from the heart by a very close author that I would describe as a honest and good, exactly what our society needs to grow healthy.

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