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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 11 April 2019

It has always fascinated me how from a story that is apparently normal, the writers can create a total new world full of adventures. I firmly believe it is a gift, because if these books are addressed to the most demanding readers, the children, the writers must be one hundred percent careful. They won’t go easy on them. That’s why it’s a challenge for any author who attempts to write for an age group he doesn’t usually address to, as David Lozano has done with EL LADRÓN DE MINUTOS (the thief of minutes), which has already printed its 5th edition and has a total of 5 translations, and now with a new character, Mayra Brócoli, which I think it’s so lovely.

She’s smart, curious and she’s always making up stories to surprise her colleagues. A strange illness forces her to stay in the hospital, but soon she will find out, together with their friends of the Bacon Squad, that this Universe of corridors, rooms and basements hides an incredible secret. Mayra is a character I would have loved to read when I was younger in order to identify myself with that smiling girl, full of ideas; a girl who dares to do everything despite the fact that the circumstances are not the best. Being a child has many positive things, and one of them is that you can see the world without prejudices. That’s why things always seem so clear, as it happens with Marya: a little rebellious, with a strong character, full of crazy ideas so that life can always be fun.

Edebé has done a wonderful job again and David is not going to leave us with only one Mayra story, so kids from 8+ years old, don’t hesitate to order this book! I’m sure you will love it, and the parents will love it more, because they’ll enjoy the reading and they will learn that the adventure of their life can happen at any time.

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