Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 19 May 2022

Many books have been written about happiness and how to achieve it. The day Francesc Miralles and Álex Rovira spoke about happiness in a book which turned to be a bestseller, we “opened” a small window to ask ourselves whether happiness is inherent to human beings, if it is something to be built day by day, or if it is shaped by different factors s in  our lifes.

Álex Rovira said: “Happiness is about having small moments of joy”; I think this is totally true;  these tiny experiences are the ones that make us feel good and  all of them together can  lead us directly to happiness. If happiness was meant to be explained in mathematical terms —which is not the case— we could say that: Joy + Laughter = Happiness. For this reason, when Imma sent me her project Reír y vivir, published by Ediciones Cúpula, I thought: “that is exactly what we are missing: WE HAVE TO LAUGH MORE, since this is a tool we have in our lives so we can feel good”.

Have you ever thought about how many times you laugh a week? Have you counted how many times you smile? It’s a very good personal analysis because laughter awakens your inner joy. As Oscar Wilde said: “Life is too important to be taken seriously”. Imma Rabasco says that laughter is a gift that reconnects us with our essence and, therefore, laughter is life. This book is dedicated to all those who, for different reasons, have had to hide their natural joy and currently cannot find the key to recover it. The good news is that this joy is still there and deserves to arise to the surface to fill up the world with love. The beaming author of this book (who doesn’t take herself seriously) teaches us that a sense of humor, laughter and smiles are the three pillars of joy that we should all include in our lives to achieve what we all want: happiness.

How is it done? This book hides the formula, not mathematical, to reach that destination. Life flies by; and the sooner you know how to achieve happiness, the better.

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