Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 18 November 2021

I’m very excited to write this blog because it is about one of those books that brings positive energy. “You Will Love Yourself Above Anything Else” by Sonia Rico starts with a big question: how would your life be if instead of learning to fulfill the expectations of others, we had learned how to love ourselves above all else? Have you ever thought about it? Sometimes I would like to open the window and scream: I LOVE MYSELF!!!

Sonia has created a decalogue about self-esteem that transforms the 10 divine commandments in 10 commandments of happiness. Starting with “Love to yourself”, which is the philosophic bone of this book. Each commandment brings us discoveries and interesting challenges to get out of our comfort zone: “You will not deprive yourself of your dreams”, “You will not make promises to yourself in vain”, “You will not be hostage of your beliefs”.

A therapeutic and practical book so that your self-esteem, which is the motor of our lives, helps us to achieve being ok here and now, and being fine with others. A method of empowerment to gain health, confidence, motivation, creativity, and success in every area of your life. A short book that includes a QR with different meditation techniques and which maybe can be a guide for many of us, that looking at how the world moves forward, we are lost in a mare magnum of bad news that do not let us enjoy the path.

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