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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 4 July 2019

How many times in life we use expressions where the moon is the protagonist. You’re on the moon! I love you until the moon and back! They are lunatic people!
I love full moon nights, that magical energy makes me feel good, and I would spend hours watching the moon reflected in the sea.  I don’t know if we can all visit the moon sometime, but from down here it already accompanies me. Although after reading the novel by Francesc Miralles, LA BIBLIOTECA DE LA LUNA (The library of the moon), I am hopeful to visit the moon someday. And with more reason if paper books are kept there: I would not hesitate to ask for a sofa and be able to read as much as I please those books that always stay on the bedside table for lack of time.

Francesc’s novel has everything: a bit of love, a bit of science fiction. It’s a magical novel, like the author, where his worlds are always created for the well-being of others, so that you feel good doing what you decide.

In a near future, Kumar, an eccentric tycoon, creates the first human colony on the Moon: Exovillage, a resort for big fortunes. Verne, who works as an online tarot player on Earth, looks at the night sky with growing despair: her soulmate and eternal platonic love, Moira, has been hired as a communications engineer at Exovillage.
The young man will get a job up there, although it has nothing to do with what he had dreamt of. He will work as a librarian, whose work is fascinating because printed books were banned on Earth to avoid deforestation, and he will meet for the first time the great books of humanity. When he finally gets the chance to explore the lunar surface, he will come across a rare hermit who will become his spiritual Master. A very human story, despite taking place in an exotic and unusual space.

The truth is that I admire the moon from a distance but having known someone like Francesc, representing him and learning every day with him is like being on the moon. I don’t have enough words to thank him for what he has brought to my life. Great novels, the best non-fiction books, authors who have believed in me and we have achieved great success together, and at the same time, I have a good person and a friend by my side.

It was fate: when I started with my own agency, someone called the phone. It usually diverted the calls to the switchboard, but that call did not, so I picked up and on the other side Francesc was asking if it would be possible to send an original, get to know each other and work together. Fortune, luck, chance made me take that call and that’s where our adventure began 17 years ago, and we still have a very encouraging road ahead of us because Francesc shines, invents, creates, and is one step ahead of trends. That’s why he’s a number one author in most of the genres he tackles, and he also has the gift of making those around shine and help them to bring out their talent. His latest novel is perfect as a summer reading, but any of his many books are recommendable because they always provide the reader with that little thing that makes him think deep, and keep one of the essential things in life: happiness.

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