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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 9 July 2015

pasillo estrecho librosSometimes I would like to live in another world. Yes, yes, I’m serious. There are too many things I do not like in this, and lately I have accumulated quite a list. All of us have to learn to believe that we can do something to improve this society and that we have to live in a new paradigm, not closed in the old world. It will not be easy, but it is not impossible. We must believe that every one of us can provide some seed, something to help make things better. Lurking and waiting is not the solution. Although sometimes everything looks so complicated that we dream about going into that parallel world where beauty is build and not destroyed. Everything is in the eye of the beholder, and therefore we must fight for a better world, recover the good values and good habits. One, as reading, is essential for growth in all aspects.

The thriller PROYECTO XI by Francesc Blanco is a special book, a different one. It is a book where other books help us to discover the enigma. It is a powerful story, engaging, that takes us to another dimension. It is a mystery and fantasy novel that begins with the murder of a woman by her lover, which leads to the stars, Jon and Anna, to investigate the case. During the course of their investigation they will find Bastian, a child that can predict the future from fiction. Keeping track of Bastian, who predicted from a book what would happen to the unhappy marriage, Anna will be locked in a room from which you can only get out using the keys obtained from various books. Meanwhile the rest of the group should follow a parallel investigation to determine the whereabouts of Jon and Bastian.

Intrigue, adventure, and a plot full of slopes where the events are triggered unexpectedly and the key lies in literature.
An excellent debut of an author who suggests very good manners and with the first novel has already made a significant risk: putting literature as the key for a thriller. Only because of this, he deserves a good reward, which can only be one: READERS. This is a book for people who love books and for people who don’t, because it will teach them to love books. What more can we ask?

A great book to take you on holiday.

“Books are friends that never disappoint.” Thomas Carlyle.

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